Home of Vulnerability //

I recently reread "Eat, Pray, Love" for the third time after going through a wildly intense and unexpected season of pain, transition, healing and growth in my life. The process of shedding an old layer and stepping into our new skin, while beautiful, can be excruciating and uncomfortable. My desire is to step out of [...]

How would you live if every moment was narrated?

Sundays are such a wonderful day that I cherish. Mine consisted of a morning Starbucks date with my fiance filled with soul-filling, deep conversation, then a great time at our church service, and then we wandered around a market we love in Downtown LA. As we wandered around this fun market, scoping out what we'd want [...]

Women of worthwhile words.

This week I've been doing a little blog series on what it means to be a "Proverbs woman" in our generation. Growing up, making girl friends was tough. Let's be honest-it still is. We are insecure, and we let our insecurities manifest in all sorts of ways. One of those "not so healthy" ways of [...]