This time 3 years ago // Part 3: Holy Cannoli 

This time 3 years ago, it was the night before my wedding. It was raining and hailing so hard during the rehearsal that it honestly feels like one quick blur. The journey from the venue to to the rehearsal dinner, however, felt like the longest most treacherous 3 mile drive ever. Los Angeles really wasn't [...]

This time 3 years ago // Part 2: Conditions

This time 3 years ago, I was just two more nights away from the big event. With all the chaos, family in town, and details to conquer, I was in desperate need of more restful time. My mom and I decided to spend the day together just doing typical pre-wedding girl things, and doing our [...]

The Purpose of My Marriage

Today marks the one month anniversary that I have been a married woman! Time truly does fly when you're having fun. It's hard to believe that exactly one month ago, I was getting my hair done and anxiously awaiting the moment that I could marry my best friend. Vows were spoken, rings were exchanged, and [...]

Cater Your World

One of the most important elements of our wedding, and one of the only things we were super specific about, was the menu. Our intimate, rustic, garden wedding called for the perfect catering...and we got it! My sweet friend, Sarah Keith's catering company, Ginger In The Kitchen, filled our special day with zest, flavor, and [...]

Stressing through perfectionism, or laughing through mistakes?

Ever since I was little, there was always a voice in my head telling me that whatever I was doing wasn't quite good enough. I don't know exactly where this perfectionism came from, but it haunted me for many years. Whether I was singing, acting, thinking, working, decorating, cooking, or just trying to do life, [...]