Capturing Authenticity Branding Workshop // September 24th

On September 24th, I will be hosting my next "Capturing Authenticity Branding Workshop"! We tend to convince ourselves that success comes from reinventing the wheel, but the truth is, only YOU can offer what you are offering to your clients. Success isn't about the wheel, it's about the engine that makes them turn - you. This [...]

Re-Wired Wednesday

Today was the very first day that my wonderful fiance and I went out on the exciting, yet exhausting, search for our first home. Being the young starving artists that we are, and Los Angeles being the expensive city that it is, the hunt was a bit all over the place. Affordable places in the [...]

Metanoia: Welcome to the Cyber Monday launch of my new jewelry line!

Metanoia is the Greek word meaning to have a change of heart. Many times in my life, God has twisted, shaped, tugged on, grown, and changed my heart for the better in order to fill my life with an abundance of joy and beauty. Today, on this Cyber Monday, I am very excited to announce the launch [...]