Let God rewrite your resume.

If you were to go on a job interview today, for almost any position, you'd probably walk in with your resume in hand. My resume is filled with all of the random, eclectic, odd jobs that I've obtained throughout the years. Some of these jobs were really not in my skill set, not great for [...]

Climbing fake mountains and learning how to overcome.

The photo above is me, almost 5 years ago, rock climbing a fake mountain at Six Flags. I have always loved rock climbing, but I remember something strange that happened in that moment. My legs began to shake as I looked down at the ground below me. Heart racing, palms sweaty, legs feeling numb, I [...]

Love Is My Fuel

This morning, I had the absolute pleasure of teaching a sermon to the tweens at my awesome church, Oasis. Since our church is actually moving to our amazing new building in two weeks, we have been talking a lot about traveling, moving, and what it takes for us to keep going and transform our lives. [...]