Mirror, mirror on the wall…

This week, God has truly blessed me with work that I love. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work on a film, today I was acting on a show, and tomorrow I'm on a show as well. One of my favorite things about arriving on set is heading straight to the hair and makeup department. [...]

Loving your locks!

"To have bangs, or not to have bangs. That is the question..." The other night, I found myself caught up in a wonderful conversation with a couple of my fabulous girlfriends about hair. We were giggling and talking about when the bible says our hair is our glory. In the midst of our laughter and [...]

Mirror Challenge!

Hey, girls! If your favorite dress is too long, do you get rid of it? No! You alter it. We alter our clothing, and we need to alter our self-talk! Mirrors are a place we look at ourselves and make judgement. It is a reflection of who we are. But my God says we were [...]