Capturing Authenticity, Brand In Your Inbox // NOW Available!

You guys...I am SO excited! I have been working on these resources for you for such a long time, and I am thrilled to announce that everything you need to start your authentic brand is here. Within minutes, you could have your "Capturing Authenticity" brand resource workbook PDF delivered right to your inbox. This workbook [...]

5 Tips for Better iPhone Photos

As a photographer, I love using my Canon whenever possible. However, I can't deny the power of the ridiculously beautiful quality my iPhone camera possesses. Our phones are compact, easy to use, and always attached at the hip, making them an ideal tool for every day memory making. When I'm out with friends, I'm always [...]

How would you live if every moment was narrated?

Sundays are such a wonderful day that I cherish. Mine consisted of a morning Starbucks date with my fiance filled with soul-filling, deep conversation, then a great time at our church service, and then we wandered around a market we love in Downtown LA. As we wandered around this fun market, scoping out what we'd want [...]