Giveaway! “Popular: Boys, Booze, and Jesus”

Popular:Boys, Booze, and Jesus, is an incredibly candid and honest memoir from Tindell Baldwin as she shares her message of rebellion turned to redemption. Since I have lived in Hollywood for the past four and a half years, I have watched so many young people make such poor choices that have lifelong negative implications, all [...]

“God’s Girl” buy 2 get 1 FREE Mother’s Day Special!

Quality time between mothers and daughters is crucial and such a valuable thing. I'll never forget putting on my plastic Barbie high heels for lady's lunch with my sweet mama. No matter how busy life got, we always made time to hangout, just us girls. With Mother's Day coming up next month, wouldn't it be [...]

Mirror Challenge!

Hey, girls! If your favorite dress is too long, do you get rid of it? No! You alter it. We alter our clothing, and we need to alter our self-talk! Mirrors are a place we look at ourselves and make judgement. It is a reflection of who we are. But my God says we were [...]