Identity Girls-Now Available in PRINT!

In February, it will be 5 years that I have lived in Los Angeles. I have come to realize many things, through so many experiences, obstacles, and growing pains, that life is not always a walk on the red carpet. Hollywood is a place that I was drawn to, not only because of my career [...]


Eyes wide open for the departure into the foggy night, I used to wonder if anyone else feared watching things take flight. For the first time, hands aren't shaking, heart is steady. Peace you left with me, and that's why I am now ready. I wasted years on fears through which the world I was [...]

Who is this? And what is he asking me to do?!

I'll never forget the day I finally answered God's call. I knew He was calling me to step out in faith in my use writing, acting, and speaking to glorify Him; to stop relying on financial stability in a job that drained my energy; to trust Him and let go. As I put in [...]