Raw // Jagged // Uncomfortable // Defiant

***For the sake of the audience I know visits my blog, I am censoring this post to a degree. But I am also going to be transparent here, and what I am sharing is real life, and some of it may make you uncomfortable. This is my disclaimer, because life is messy sometimes, and I [...]

The art of saying NO // letting GO // and being GOOD.

On this first day of 2016, a question occurred to me. How often do we throw around "be yourself" when we spend the majority of our time being everything but? Through the daily choices, larger and small, am I choosing me, or someone else? For many years, I wasn't myself. I was a people pleaser. [...]

Am I a world changer, or am I just opinionated?

I am going to be honest with you before I continue with this article. I am probably of the most stubborn and opinionated people on the planet. This has been a great strength and even greater weakness at many points throughout my life. You see, I live with passion and intention. I want to change [...]

My Painted Desert: O J A I

We want it all, don't we? The excitement and opportunity of city life, along with the quaint, peaceful serenity of being far from traffic, overpopulation, and constant work. Living in balance isn't always an easy thing for me to navigate, but I have found that it is crucial to my overall health. There truly is [...]