God gives us more than we can handle.

"When Job lifted his face to the storm, when he asked and was answered, he learned that he was very small. He learned that his life was a story. He spoke with the Author, and learned that the genre had not been an accident. God tells stories that make Sunday school teachers sweat and mothers [...]

30 Days of Thankfulness: Friendship

 My heart is filled with joy as I go through this amazing month thinking about all that I am thankful for. November is one of my favorite months, and I am so blessed to live in a world that has autumn leaves, pumpkin pie, and fireplaces. There is so very much to be thankful for [...]

Stories of Courage

Ever since I was a little girl, my attention was always captivated by stories of courage filled heroic characters be it in a film, musical, book, or television show. These stories of courage gave me hope when I felt small, weak, and alone. My fiancé (writer, producer, and lead actor in Confessions of a Prodigal [...]

To love is to be vulnerable.

I am guilty, possibly, of loving things too much. Somewhere along the way in life, my heart became extremely tender...which is something I never thought would happen. This doesn't only apply to my family, boyfriend, friends, and my dog. I cry during "Make a Wish Foundation" commercials. I cry watching people change their lives on [...]

Shedding My Dragon Skin

As I listened to Francis Chan speak at the Hollywood Bowl on Easter Sunday, he talked about turning our backs to our lives. Leaving behind our past, our baggage, our sin, and even our comforts to follow Jesus. We talk about this often in "Christian world", to the point where it sounds simple and easy. [...]