The Sexy Picture Scandal: Where is the love?

I'm sure many of you know that some naked photos of celebrity women have been leaked. Living in Hollywood and feeling called love the women here, this has been very close to my heart this week. I have read countless statuses about how it's "their fault" because they "shouldn't have taken the photo in the [...]

Actions Speak Louder Than Facebook

We've all heard the expression "actions speak louder than words." It is one of those things that we all know to be true, yet we struggle to live it out. Yesterday, our pastor gave a sermon on this very topic. He was talking about faith verses works, the age old debate. But the truth is, [...]

The power of comfort, compassion, and care.

At 22 years old, it has become normal for years now that I live across the country from my parents, far from the protection I always knew. There's something about pain, physical or emotional, that turns us all into kids again no matter how big or old we get. When we feel this pain, our [...]