Overcoming Fear-A Christian Yoga Exercise

Christian yoga has been an incredible way for me to strengthen my body, work on my scoliosis, and have time to meditate and spend time with God. Since our bodies are a temple and the Holy Spirit lives in us, why not involve our bodies in our worship to God? Today, I will lead you [...]

It Is Well With My Soul

The definition of wellness in the dictionary is:The state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.While that is pretty incredible, and important, I believe that definition is missing a pretty key element. Spiritual wellness. As most of you know, I am a certified Christian yoga instructor, personal trainer, and sports nutritionist. There is [...]

Sit down. Now stand up!

This weekend, I am in Phoenix for the International Christian Wellness Conference. It has been absolutely incredible to be surrounded by Christian leaders in the yoga, crossfit, aerobic, walking, fitness world who are bridging the gap between our bodies and God. The reason I fell in love with Christian yoga is the fact that I [...]