Keeping your succulents alive during the fall + winter months //

Succulents are a popular choice out here in Los Angeles, as they are drought resistant, sustainable, and let's be honest: they're pretty cute. While known for being "easy plants", succulents can actually be a little temperamental indoors if they aren't given the proper treatment. Now that we are officially in fall, it's the perfect time [...]

A Temporary Bloom //

My grandmother was a florist, and she often talked about how the secret isn't in having a green thumb -- it is in talking to your flowers. I have definitely taken her advice in my home filled with plants, as they each have names and often hear me telling them how beautiful they are and [...]

Plant Parenting Workshop (recap) //

Yesterday, I hosted the first of many Plant Parenting Workshops. I'm still on cloud nine over here with all my plant babies, and I am completely in awe of the amazing women who showed up and trusted me with their time. Leading up to the workshop, I prepared by printing materials and grabbing all the [...]