Tanya & Brett // Vintage+Boho Mountain Top Engagement 

On the very first day of 2017, I had the honor of Tanya choosing me to be her wedding photographer. I don't even know where to begin, because while this photo shoot was beyond magical, it all started with an even more magical human being. Tanya is the kind of woman who breathes life and [...]

The Irrevocable Call

My eyelids grew heavy as I sat on set today, waiting for hours before we filmed the scene I was working on. The words of another actor woke me up--though my eyes were almost shut, my ears were still awake. He said: "How lucky are we to be able to have a life of adventure? [...]

Style on a Budget: Hippie at Heart

I feel most like me when I am... Walking barefoot... Air-dried hair... Minimal to no makeup... Comfy clothes... Off the shoulder shirts... Yoga pants... Sun on my skin... Hiking with my dog... Long hair flowing... Free spirited... Soul enchanted... Mind captivated... Bohemian... Offbeat... Dancing to the song in my head... Creative... Creating... Reading... Dreaming... a [...]

Get the natural, fresh, boho-chic look!

Summer is the perfect time to rock that natural, effortless look. This post will help you achieve the perfect messy bun, natural makeup tips, and boho-chic style for this season! The messy bun is a hairdo I am all too familiar with. It is easy, quick, and fun! This style can be more slick and [...]