Happy Half Birthday To Me!!!

Okay, okay...I know that not many people celebrate half birthdays (there are people who don't even celebrate their real birthdays all that much)...but today is no ordinary half birthday. Exactly 6 months ago today, on my 22nd birthday, the love of my life got down on one knee and proposed. Time has gone by so [...]

I said yes! (The beginning of my favorite love story.)

I have been engaged for a week now, and I am sharing the very long, very detailed proposal story. On my 22nd birthday, my heart raced with excitement as I anticipated my handsome date picking me up for an evening of birthday surprises. Nathan hadn't given me any hints about what we would be doing [...]

You are worth celebrating.

Last night I got off work and headed straight to the grocery store. I was on a mission to stock up on the ingredients I'd need for the next day to make my slow cooked BBQ chicken. I grabbed some fresh onions & garlic and hopped into a checkout line. The woman in front of [...]