The Secret To Becoming Courageous

“Courage comes from a heart that is CONVINCED it is loved.” ― Beth Moore My husband and I are lovers of heroes. There is nothing more exciting than getting swept away in a beautiful story about someone who has the courage to conquer and overcome. These stories are inspiring, but we often believe them to [...]

Dream Big {And why God is more creative than you.}

"So, I'm sorry, maybe I'm just not understanding. Do you want to be an actress, a singer, or a writer? If you had to pick. Because I don't understand you." The question above was actually asked to me by a talent agency I met with a couple years ago. It seems they couldn't quite understand [...]

What Could Happen If You Knew Him?

I'll never forget the cold March evening in 2010. A hard rain tapped on my window, keeping me awake around 1:30 AM. I remember being so frustrated by this distraction from my much needed "beauty rest", as I had to wake up early for work the following morning. It had been a while since I [...]

Stunned By Love.

During this fall season, my lovely room mate and I are leading a girls connect group together (doing a study by Beth Moore), and each week we go over some of the questions in our workbook as a group. This past week, one of the questions was:When was the last time you were stunned by [...]

Do you like breathing?

My lovely room mate and I are currently leading a girls connect group as we study "Jesus The One And Only" by Beth Moore. The first week's DVD teaching was incredible, and something in particular really caught my attention.Beth Moore began to tell a story about how she seems to always have a message on [...]

Famine of Friendship

Yesterday, my blog post talked a bit about how frustrating it was to spend the majority of my life without close girlfriends or kindred spirits. I spent a lot of time feeling very alone, and wondering if this isolation would ever change. Luckily, my fiance loves me and would watch romantic comedies with me, but [...]