Believe In Tomorrow. Believe In Beauty.

Last Monday, a friend of mine took me to the beautiful Descanso Gardens. As we wandered around, it honestly blew me away how many different types of flowers and roses there creative is our God?! I have always had a heart for nurturing people, animals, plants, and living things. God put this desire on [...]

Return to the King to become a princess.

I was at a park today with the 8 year old girl I nanny. I was watching as all these little girls ran, smiled, laughed and played. Their eyes were full of delight, filled with innocence and wonder. They were carefree and fearless. I remember being that age and feeling like a princess. I felt [...]

5 Tips for a VERY happy Valentine’s Day!

Married, dating, or single-we all secretly want to have an awesome Valentine's Day! Being bitter and "hating" this holiday is really out of style, girls. We are better than that. You don't have to be married or have your prince charming in order to celebrate a day full of love. Valentine's Day gives us a [...]