Believe In Tomorrow. Believe In Beauty.

Last Monday, a friend of mine took me to the beautiful Descanso Gardens. As we wandered around, it honestly blew me away how many different types of flowers and roses there creative is our God?! I have always had a heart for nurturing people, animals, plants, and living things. God put this desire on [...]

Breathing Life Into Your Home {Of Any Size & Budget!}

There is something ingrained within me to seek beauty within the cold walls of any building. Growing up, I remember the way my mama would breath life into even the most humble of homes...making Christmas ornaments out of pizza boxes, making everything beautiful at all times. When my home is beautiful, I am joyful, relaxed, [...]

Cultivating a Heartfelt Home

Being a 22 year old girl in expensive Los Angeles can make decorating a bit challenging at times. Maybe not decorating necessarily, but making a small, cold, white-walled apartment feel like home. The only reason I love decorating is because I love hosting and having people come to my home. Tonight, I'm going to share [...]

The important job of bringing beauty into the world.

Lately, I have been studying Proverbs 31 and trying to figure out exactly what kind of woman I should be practicing to be. There is a lot of controversy nowadays that surrounds being a “Proverbs woman.” In our generation, women want rights & women want to be strong. Those are GREAT things. However, it isn’t [...]