About Rachael //

I believe in wonder.
In compassion.
In being present.
In living slowly.
In French music and piano solos.
In as many candles as possible.
In plants and florals that make us feel alive.
In creating worlds I want to live in.
In getting my hands dirty.
In yellow kitchens.
In bites of food that actually make a day better.
In making beautiful messes.
In gathering around tables.
In snuggling all of the animals.
In sharing hopes, fears and dreams.
In engaging all of the senses.
In cultivating something new.

When I’m not hanging out with my dog Troll, making bread, watering my 40+ house plants, or filling my French press with my favorite nutty doodle coffee beans, you can find me working on my photography or creating workshops, events and backyard gourmet dinner parties through Flour for Thought.

My greatest inspirations for this online space:
My impeccable grandmother who was a florist.
My vintage kitchen covered with mustard yellow counter tops.
Trips to the local farmer’s market.
Finding light and embracing the dark.

Make yourself at home here…comment, engage, ask questions, try the recipes and get cozy!