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Hello, friends! I’m Rachael Lee — a Los Angeles creative soul with a passion for getting my hands on as many plants as I possibly can. When I’m not repotting or cooking something green & fragrant, I’m typically working on my photography & brand styling/design (which you can find at rachaelleephoto.com) .  Some of my published work and features include:


Originally from the sunshine state (FL), I moved across the country at age 17 (in 2009) to the other sunshine state…California. I love living in Los Angeles, because it places me right in the midst of culture, creativity, and where I feel my mission can have the most impact. Also, because desert plants rock.

For me, house plants are all about less stuff+more life. And in my humble opinion, plant lady is totally the new cat lady (although I do believe in the healing power of Chihuahua mutts 100%). Some people naturally have a green thumb. I am not one of those magical woodland creatures. My approach to plants was more of a trial and error sort of adventure where I fell in love with educating myself in all things green, and yes, had my own share of plant baby casualties along the way. My grandmother was a florist, and I have always felt a special connection to plants, and this is what first ignited my joy.

I believe in being deeply rooted in what we love and letting go of everything else. That’s what this blog is all about.

But that’s enough with the formal mumbo-jumbo. Let’s get to the fun stuff.

-My favorite food is mac & cheese.
-I consider myself a bit of a macaron connoisseur, and I even blog my tasting tour from time to time.
-I currently have 41 plants and counting inside my home.
-I have a sweet deer Chihuahua named Abby, but I often call her Troll. It’s a nickname that just sort of stuck after adopting her at the shelter, as she would make caves out of blankets and pillows around the home.
-I am really good at Yahtzee. Really. Try me.
-Sharks are and always have been my favorite animal.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. Make yourself at home here at my online home…comment, engage in conversation, ask questions, and get cozy!