About Me //

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Hello, friends! I am a Los Angeles creative soul with a passion for capturing authenticity (and eating macarons). My main ventures (which you’ll see a lot of on the blog) are:

-Brand Styling/Design
-My Troll dog

Originally from the sunshine state (FL), I moved across the country at age 17 (in 2009) to the other sunshine state…California. I love living in Los Angeles, because it places me right in the midst of culture, creativity, and where I feel my mission can have most impact.

No matter what creative adventure I am working on, it all has the same common thread: story telling. Messages are incredibly important to me, and I try to do my best to communicate authentically through each one of my artistic outlets.

But that’s enough with the professional mumbo-jumbo. Let’s get to the fun stuff.

-My favorite food is mac & cheese.
-I consider myself a bit of a macaron connoisseur, and I even blog my tasting tour from time to time.
-I do this thing where I fist-bump/punch-dance when I get excited…especially when my favorite music is playing. So, you’ve been warned.
-I have a sweet deer Chihuahua named Abby, but I often call her Troll. It’s a nickname that just sort of stuck after adopting her at the shelter, as she would make caves out of blankets and pillows around the home.
-I am really good at Yahtzee. Really. Try me.
-Sharks are and always have been my favorite animal.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. Make yourself at home here at my online home…comment, engage in conversation, ask questions, and get cozy!