The Slow Living Experience // an intimate workshop

W A R N I N G // You are about to step into an atmosphere that is unplugged. Perhaps no one will know what the cool thing was that you did this Saturday, but what I want most is for you to know what you felt.

The Slow Living Experience is a monthly workshop that cultivates an intentional, safe space for women who are sick of romanticizing the hustle and ready to get serious about the artist within. I am launching the very first in the series on Saturday, October 20th, and it would be an honor to have you there.

Have you ever felt creatively stuck in the noise of a culture filled with constant comparison, screens, pressures and expectations? ME. TOO.

I encourage you to take this gentle, but mighty, step for yourself. I have designed this workshop with all of you creative, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in mind.

Guests will start by entering into the quiet loft for a time of reflection. You will find a name tag where instead of writing what you DO, you will write what your passion is.

During our time together, we will be covering things like:

— A guided build-your-own “pain & peace cycle” to dive into our habits, triggers and hang-ups
— Overcoming deeply rooted fears that hold us back
— Getting out of the comparison trap
— Owning your unique voice as an artist
— The power of community & accountability (AKA not doing it all alone)
— Learning to use social media as a tool with balance
— The forms of true self-care
— Practical ways to incorporate slow living into a busy culture and lifestyle

Each attendee will have their portrait taken at the end of the workshop as a symbol of the new journey they are embarking on.

Los Angeles
Saturday, October 20th
$75 registration (or $60 early bird rate) includes all materials, resources, snacks, tea and coffee (all organic, vegan and gluten-free)

I am capping the event at 10 guests max in order to keep it focused and intimate. Reserve your spot at the early bird discounted rate (for today only!) by clicking on this registration link. I can’t wait to slow down with you.

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