Bread Therapy Workshop //

An intimate, hands on bread making workshop.

When I share my bread with friends, the most common responses are “This must have taken forever,” “I don’t have time to make things like this,” “This looks super difficult,” and “I can’t bake to save my life.” When it comes to bread, it’s all about process over perfection. C’est la vie! During this in-depth workshop, each guest will be guided, step by step, to making their own crispy on the outside, soft on the inside Rustic Loaf with Herbs de Provence. We will begin with an ingredient overview and move on to kneading, proofing, baking, and my personal favorite part – eating.

The event will conclude around the dining room table table for a vegetarian dinner accompanied by wine and our fresh bread.

Los Angeles
Saturday, May 19th
$125 registration includes all materials, snacks, wine and dinner.
$200 couples/BFF rate

During the proofing/resting portion of the event, we will gather around with snacks and wine. Community can be hard to come by sometimes in Los Angeles, and one of the main priorities of the workshop is to bring people together, share, and connect.

I am capping the event at 10 guests max in order to keep it focused and intimate. Reserve your spot by clicking the “add to cart” button below. I can’t wait to make and break bread with you all!


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