Bridget & Chris // Ruby Street Wedding

“You know what I really love about it as well? It wasn’t just “oh, I hired you that’s it.” It’s an actual friendship that we got to build upon.”
– Bridget (the bride) on her relationship with me (the photographer, duh)

Just about this time last year, I was sipping on a cappuccino in Kenneth Village with a sweet engaged couple who wanted to vet me to potentially be their wedding photographer. After a few minutes of the usual wedding questions and photography equipment/experience rundown, we somehow ended up talking about our love of horror movies, sharks, and how weird our pets are.

Later that fall, I shot their engagement session, and went on to do a boudoir shoot with Bridget this spring. She really has become a friend of mine — a woman I adore more and more with each random text we exchange. Needless to say, I did turn out to be their wedding photographer as well, and spending all day with Bridget & Chris basically felt like stalking really good friends for 8 hours rather than a shot list for clients.

There was something incredibly cinematic about their wedding day — and it was the perfect balance of classic and unique — never lacking in personality. Their love of books and amazing taste in music shined throughout their wedding day, and I am so excited to share some of my favorite moments with you on the blog.

Bridget & Chris: thank you again for the huge honor of trusting me to be your wedding photographer. I was legitimately tearing up while photographing your vows, because they were some of the deepest, most honest and meaningful promises I have ever heard exchanged. Your wedding was so much more than a photo opportunity for me. It was so much bigger than a job. It was a reminder for me that radical love exists. Thank you both for that.

4 thoughts on “Bridget & Chris // Ruby Street Wedding

  1. Rachael you’re amazing and it has been a privilege getting to know you. I am smitten that you we’re able to join us for our celebration! These photos are something special, I’ll be able to look at these for the rest of my life. Thank you.

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