Flour for Thought (my poetry + cookbook is officially available for pre-orders!)

Something new woke up inside of me this year…my heart began to ache and long for things that it had previously given up on. Things like community, seasons, and being nourished. Food has a lot to do with history, legacy, and what is passed down from generation to generation. Our ingredients and recipes can be a deeply intimate record of who we loved and how we lived. That being said, my work on this book lead me to a newfound discovery that there has been a beautiful history of strength in the women of my family — strength that came from pain. And while I adopted these powerful habits of independence and fearlessness, I had to become self-taught at what it means to be soft.

Living in a large city like Los Angeles doesn’t always make the gentleness easy. It’s massive and sprawling and makes us prone to disconnecting. In a world that has become loud and a culture with more noise than we can decipher, we have to become our own teachers, physicians, and spirit guides. It is crucial, now more than ever, that we learn to nurture ourselves and each other. It is our duty here.

Consider these pages your opportunity for silence. For time to enjoy rather than to rush. To sip and nibble instead of gulping and shoveling. I am guilty of romanticizing the hustle, but our bodies simply cannot thrive without peace. This is your reminder that you are worth it.

Originally from Florida, I am no stranger when it comes to the idea of comfort food, and my goal has been to find ways to heal and nourish my body, inside and out, without sacrificing any of the soul in my food. The words, photos, and ingredients (completely vegan and gluten-free) in this book came from a place of deep brokenness and even deeper healing. My hope is that these pages meet you exactly where you are in your journey right now, and that you find a new ability to accept who you are in process.

This book is for those moments when you are hungry.
When you have completely broken open.
When you are in need of a mother.
When your mind begs for wisdom.
When your body wants to be nurtured.
When you are homesick for a place that may not exist anymore.
When your soul is hungry and needs to be nourished.
When you need to know you’re not alone.
When you need simple reminders of truth.
Open these pages.
Consume them, share them, and thrive.

At the “add to cart” buttons below, you can click now to place your pre-order of Flour for Thought in print (you can expect to receive your pre-ordered book within 3-4 weeks!), or you can click to purchase the e-book PDF to start reading today. If you are in the Southern California area, stay tuned for book signing parties popping up over the next couple of months! If you will be attending the book release party on November 12th, forgo shipping by grabbing your ticket + book at this link. 

To place your pre-order of Flour for Thought in print, click on the button below.
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To purchase the Flour for Thought e-book PDF, click on the button below.
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***For bulk print orders, email me at rachaelleestroud@gmail.com

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