Why broken people are my favorite //

Years ago, I was told that I was “damaged goods” by some people I trusted my life with. I clung to these words and became a shell of a person for far too long. 

It has taken some time, but I’ve come to realize that broken people are actually my favorite of all. 

We have stories. We’ve learned lessons. We have overcome. Healing and redemption aren’t possible without breaking open, and I have physically & emotionally experienced that in my lifetime, and I truly believe it has all helped to create a stronger woman today. Let go of your shame. We’re done with that now, friend. What they see as your damage, I see as your story. I welcome it. Bring. It. On. 

Broken plant tip //

If your succulent, aloe, or pothos is starting to break off or look close to death, it might not be a lost cause. Cut off what you can and toss it in a jar with water. I’ll be sharing a more detailed post on propagation soon, but you’d be surprised what you can save even with a black thumb. Give them time.  

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