Anthropologie Packaging Hacks //

I’m pretty excited to let you guys in on a little secret of mine today. We all know Anthropologie — the place we go, spray ourselves with expensive perfume, try on $60 berets and pretend to be French for a few minutes (just me?). One of my favorite things to do is to go in, head straight to the hidden sale section in the back, and snag a couple super affordable items. With these goodies comes the infamous beautiful bags+tissue paper, which actually have more uses than you’d think. Something I love about Anthropologie is that they consistently collaborate with new artists, and their paper bags truly are little works of art in it of themselves. I have been known to use these bags for:

-Wrapping gifts

-Framed wall art (seriously — cut these bags to fit the frame of your choice and you’ll instantly have a pop of unique beauty in your home)

-Photoshoot backdrops for flatlays & products

-Backgrounds for creative graphic design & illustration projects 

My next secret is all about the candles. First of all, they smell so luxurious and make me low-key pretend that my home is a 5 star hotel in Paris. Secondly, they are take-an-additional 40% off right now during Labor Day weekend, so you should get on it! Aside from just swooning over the scents, I’ve started using the candle lids as jewelry dishes, bathroom organizers and more! This is a great way to get more bang for your buck on those candles and create some rose gold magic in your favorite space. Also, when my candles finish burning, I like to save the pretty holders and use them as pots for my plants!

Give these ideas a try, and feel free to comment below if there’s anything you’ve put your own spin on! 

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