Plant Parenting Workshop (recap) //

Yesterday, I hosted the first of many Plant Parenting Workshops. I’m still on cloud nine over here with all my plant babies, and I am completely in awe of the amazing women who showed up and trusted me with their time. Leading up to the workshop, I prepared by printing materials and grabbing all the resources (which basically looked like me running around town covered in sweat, soil, succulents, and paper cuts). While I felt pretty calm about the prep, there were definitely some nerves mixed in since this is uncharted territory for me. 

Fear and doubt like to attack us at the strangest and silliest of moments. My mind filled with questions like:

“Am I going to do a good job?”

“Does anyone else actually care about plants or was this a crazy plant lady idea?”

“Is anyone even going to show up?”

Sure enough, a baker’s dozen of women arrived and gathered around plants, soil, pots, paint and champagne. You guys: more people came to my plant workshop than to my birthday party this year (oh wait that’s not something people brag about. Scratch that). 

My heart and mission goes far deeper than plants. Houseplants became my therapy — my form of cultivating beauty and learning lessons about process over perfection. It was so beautiful to see that we all shared that vision. Going around the table, each woman opened up and talked candidly about loss, grief and growth. It’s crazy how we all had so many insecurities and believed inadequacys in common. I am so grateful for each and every one of those women for being so bold, authentic, and willing to learn. 

We painted pots, picked our plant babies, and obviously named them (I made that part mandatory). While the creativity was flowing, I covered things like: common care mistakes, the best environment for your plant, how often to water, how often to feed/fertilize, setting them up for thriving rather than surviving, when to repot, and more. During the hands-on potting time with organic soil, it was truly amazing to watch these women gently and delicately care for their new life. Everyone went home with a custom care guide and watering schedule (that I designed) as well as their plant, pot, and custom plant food. 

Also, we had to end our Sunday together with photos. Because family portraits are important. 

Plant Parenting 201 is coming this fall, so stay tuned as I’ll be announcing updates and info very soon so that you can register and save a spot! 

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