Coziest spots in the home (according to Troll) //

If you have a furry friend in your home, you’ve probably come to realize that what used to be your spot quickly becomes theirs. The faux sheepskin rugs I snagged for myself have become Troll’s fur coat, and I hate to say it, but it looks better on her anyway. I’ve been wanting to do a blog tour of my cozy spaces for a while, but I figured I’d let Troll guide you around instead. 

I snagged two of these vintage blue chairs on Craigslist, and they are seriously some of the most comfortable places to curl up in a ball and read/work/drink coffee/snuggle a tiny animal. I highly suggest frequenting your local thrift stores and doing Craigslist hunts, because one man’s old office waiting room chair is another woman’s chihuahua perch. 

The other blue chair sits over by my closet library+photo styling area. Often times, I keep my blanket from Mexico on that chair, and Troll always seems to find a way to steal the best seat in the house before I can get to it. 

I’m not going to lie to you — I have wanted to get rid of this couch for years. But Troll seriously loves it. It’s basically her domain. The funny thing is, out of all my furniture, people probably ask me where I got this couch the most often. While I love the color and size, it really is a cheap crappy couch and isn’t all that comfortable after a while (although Troll has no complaints). The couch is from one of those super discounted “Furniture USA” websites (#Merica, ugh). While it isn’t my favorite spot, it has definitely become a part of the home over the years. 

…she also has a thing for hanging out real close to the plant babies…

One of my new favorite things ever are these Alseda floor stools from IKEA. They are the perfect addition to a jungle-vibe/boho home. They are super comfy and easy to stack and store, and of course, Troll thinks they are all for her. 

Some people have a “no dogs on the bed” rule, but just look at that face. I personally believe that every bedroom needs a huge, white, fluffy comforter. It’s like sleeping on clouds…clouds that happen to have a small woodland creature on top. 
Stay tuned for more decor updates and home tours coming soon! What’s your favorite place to sit and relax?!

One thought on “Coziest spots in the home (according to Troll) //

  1. I love you fur baby. Adorable. I have Two doxies and they too take over the house. No holds bard. Have a king side bed and I still find myself on the edge. Go figure.

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