Why you need curtains in your life //

Breaking news, everyone…it’s official…

I finally have curtains in my home.

Yes — it’s a big deal. After almost 4 years of living in this sweet little home of mine and dreaming of these light+airy vibes, it’s here. Los Angeles is one of my favorite cities, and I love this crazy town I call home. But I’ve gotta say, I am quite positive that LA apartments come with the ugliest, crappiest blinds you ever did see.

Often times when we live in a place that we feel is “temporary” due to our season of life, we don’t go that tiny extra mile to make it feel completely ours. For me, curtains are a great way to put in just a little bit of effort to achieve a more cozy, homey space. Also, the plant babies are pretty happy about the new dreamy setup (and don’t judge me for the dirty/dusty windowsills — #capturingauthenticity).

Before you run out the door to grab curtains for your humble abode, take a moment to consider what aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Are they purely for décor? Are you looking to brighten up a room? Are you looking to block out the sun? Are you seeking a pop of color? Since my goal was to add some light and dreamy vibes to my bedroom, I knew I was going to be on the hunt for something white. I wandered around IKEA for far too long holding onto 3 different pairs of white curtains until I finally decided on these beauties. I liked the clean lines and fabric quality, and also how they were just the right amount of sheer for what I was envisioning. You can either measure your area in advance to find the perfect fit, or tie them at the ends for a more cozy/boho feel like I did. IKEA also sells super simple iron-on hems for curtains to make it easy for you to get the length just right.

Curtains are such a great way to decorate on a budget, and it’s truly amazing how such a small amount of fabric can really transform a space. Stay tuned for some more simple apartment updates coming soon, including some of Troll’s favorite pieces of décor (because it’s really all about that pet happiness, am I right?!).

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