Tanya & Brett // Rustic Mountain Wedding

It’s hard to believe that just 3 months ago I was shooting this amazing couple’s engagement session, and now this time one week ago, I was in a magical, rustic dream — photographing Tanya & Brett’s wedding. It’s incredibly special when you are able to watch a couple evolve over time, growing together long before the wedding day.

Before the ceremony, I was able to spend some brief (but valuable) time with Tanya and Brett separately. And in doing so, one word kept coming to mind in regards to their relationship:

These two amazing humans have both worked so hard through the ups and downs that come with being a creative artist in Los Angeles. Not only that, but DATING in this city is no easy task. In both their personal and professional lives, there is such a level of faithfulness that I admire on a very deep level. Through every struggle and each challenging season, they remained firmly planted and held onto their dreams. And I think their dream come true looks pretty great on them.

Brett talked to me about how unique Tanya has been in his life.
“With any other girl I dated in the past, it just wasn’t right. Marriage wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. But with Tanya, it’s a no brainer. She is everything. And I’m just really glad no one else had swooped in and taken her yet.” 
I reminded Brett that she was obviously waiting for him too. The patience and integrity of their relationship speaks volumes.

Everything about their ceremony was unique and sacred. Before they even had their first kiss as husband and wife, they prayed and took communion together. Inside and out, it was an absolutely stunning wedding. It also didn’t hurt that Tanya is the queen of all things vintage & styling, and every single gorgeous detail that she planned for this day was to die for (check out her shoes below).

Wishing a happy week one to my favorite newlyweds! 

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