Megan & Max // Glendale Wedding

It is always a huge honor to be chosen to photograph a wedding…being trusted to capture stories that will be told for generations to come. But it was an exceptionally special privilege to be there shooting Megan & Max’s big day, as I have been their photographer through the baby shower, newborn session, and engagement shoot.

From Victorian historic homes to red pickup trucks to the rustic DIY decor, the entire day was completely dreamy. My favorite part, though, was listening to their vows to one another. Watching them lock eyes and embrace a powerful future together. These two have walked through the reality of life’s messes together, and there is a sacred weight to the words and promises they exchanged.

I have always been completely stunned by the way Max looks at Megan. At the newborn session covered in baby June’s spit-up and on their picture perfect wedding day, you can just tell that he truly sees her as something to value and lift up. Their authentic relationship is one of the best love stories I have ever known.

Being a part of their journey has truly expanded my belief and wonder in this thing called love. I can’t wait to capture their next adventurous season of life.

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