American Hustle //

There is something about playing with time that fascinates me. In my photography, I love finding the balance between the old and the new, the classic and the modern. I am now offering vintage styled boudoir sessions, and this 70s inspired session that I did photography & creative directing for was overflowing with colors and moods that made me wonder at times what year it was.

Never underestimate the power of a perfectly clean, Windexed mirror. Playing with light and reflections is something I did while shooting with my model-muse, Hannah Elder, to literally expose the different sides and angles that come with being a timeless woman in a relevant culture.

I know I already used this word, but balance is incredibly important to me. Since my passion is capturing authenticity, it is crucial that in my work I always maintain an element of natural even when I style shoots and play with eras.

My goal with this particular shoot was to find the line between old Hollywood glamour and what it means to be a single woman in Los Angeles culture today. Someone who was in the studio before me left an empty champagne bottle, and it was one of those perfect unplanned creative moments where a prop helped me tell the story on a deeper level.

Model: Hannah Elder

Wardrobe: Tanya Chisholm

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