Tanya & Brett // Vintage+Boho Mountain Top Engagement 

On the very first day of 2017, I had the honor of Tanya choosing me to be her wedding photographer. I don’t even know where to begin, because while this photo shoot was beyond magical, it all started with an even more magical human being. Tanya is the kind of woman who breathes life and makes everything just a little “extra.” When I’ve gone over to her house for creative play dates, she puts elegant table cloths on what would be an ordinary table, serves water in champagne glasses, and wears a vintage kimono while cleaning the house. She truly knows how to make every ordinary day feel completely glamorous. And on the inside, she’s no different.

Tanya loves fiercely. She cares deeply. She speaks honestly. She completely embodies strength and dignity. So, it’s only fitting that she found her match…Brett. This couple is so unique and authentic, and shooting their engagement session felt “effortless” even though we hiked up a mountain to get the perfect shot.

Their personalities are such a beautiful balance. While Tanya would be exploding with smiles and excited movement, Brett was a bit more reserved. But his face said it all. His love for this woman is absolutely dynamic and overflowing…and the grins on his face or kisses on the neck made that incredibly clear. His subtleties spoke volumes. And while different, they were always flowing together and completely in sync.

Like I mentioned before, Tanya has a true gift for taking any life situation and making it beautiful anyway. And life definitely “got real” when she went barefoot and boho into the green grass and stepped in dog poop. Seriously, this rock star just laughed it off and kept on being glamorous. I don’t know how she does it. She. Is. On. Fire.

All of my vintage+boho dreams came true during this engagement session, and I am SO beyond excited to shoot this beautiful couple’s wedding in just a couple short months. This legacy of love has only just begun.

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