Megan & Max // Kenneth Village Engagement

Last weekend, I had the honor of shooting an engagement session that was incredibly close to my heart. I photographed their baby shower, their newborn session, their engagement shoot, and will be shooting their wedding in just a few months. Megan, Max, and June bug are like family to me at this point, and we effortlessly drank coffee, laughed, and captured some beautiful and authentic moments in Kenneth Village.
Megan and Max are the kind of people that simply exude sincerity–every smile genuine, each laugh completely real. Being in their presence feels like home…comforting, warm, honest, and free. Their love is built on exactly that, and I am so excited to continue watching their relationship evolve over the years with the incredible foundation they have built.

In this very moment, she looked at him and said, “This reminds me of the day we met.”

As we finished up this magical shoot with December strolls through the village, Megan handed some sweet goodies over to me: peppermint bark, hot cocoa, and eggs from their chicken. I walked to my car holding a basket of treats, feeling completely overwhelmed with gratitude. It is a kindness, they have shown me, to continue trusting me to capture some of the most important milestone moments in their lives. It is truly an honor…and I just plain love these people.

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