Bianca & Grant // Malibu Sunrise Engagement

Those of you who know me are aware that I’m a morning person. But waking up at 4am, however, is a whole different version of “morning.” I have to tell you, while it was hard to get my sleepy head out of bed at first, it was 100% worth it to rise and shine to catch the Malibu sunrise for Bianca & Grant’s engagement session.


Bianca and Grant effortlessly danced in the morning light, holding each other with laughter and love as the chills of the early morning Malibu air would come through. Seeing them move together through the ocean breeze, Bianca’s dress perfectly matching the cotton candy sunrise, was like something out of a movie.

I am fully aware that not every man wakes up at 4am, overwhelmed with excitement to go do a photoshoot. But Grant was different. These two made it so fun…so easy…and the way he looked at her was beyond dreamy.

After our sweet beach time together, these two incredible humans took me out to breakfast where we enjoyed some much needed coffee, talked about life, love, Disneyland, and wedding plans. And I am ridiculously honored and excited to say that I am going to be photographing their wedding next August!


Bianca & Grant are by far one of my favorite couples ever. Being engaged looks really, really good on them, and I can’t wait to see how flawlessly they take on their next adventure as a married couple. I am all about capturing authenticity, so I also have major respect for the couple that can be both elegant and arm wrestle at the same time. #Relationshipgoals. Congratulations to both of you!


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