Elysse & John // Los Angeles Engagement


“It’s funny what happens to you when part of your heart gets born inside somebody else.” – Donald Miller

I met Elysse earlier this year when I shot a portrait session with her, and right away, I knew there was something deeply special about this human. Months later when she asked me to photograph her engagement session, my heart was beyond thrilled. It was funny, actually, because I remembered our portrait session at the beginning of 2016…chatting honestly about life’s challenges…love, life, and many questions. And now, I was watching her grow individually as well as thriving with another person…John.


These two fully embody my passion for photography, as they are truly and authentically living in love. There was no need for posing, no need for any real direction (aside from telling them to basically climb trees and walls, you know, the usual when you work with me). Their love did the work. It spoke volumes. It did what no intentional, forced pose could create.


The looks on their faces the entire time said it all. John was always whispering in her ear, resulting in laughter or kisses.


Elysse and John were open about the struggles and never for a moment put on any sort of façade for their session. Instead, they remained true to themselves and honored the relationship with sincerity. I am so beyond grateful that I get to make people climb walls and kiss for a living.


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