Theresa & Isaac // Home-Studio Lifestyle Session


Furry friends, cozy spaces, comfy beds, and true love. Yesterday’s lifestyle session with Theresa & Isaac in their dreamy home and studio was absolute perfection. In the midst of working in the fast pace of Los Angeles, it was so refreshing to arrive at their swoon-worthy LaBrea pad and have a photo shoot that was truly and utterly chill. The morning started naturally as Theresa poured me a hot cup of my love language (coffee, of course) and I started snapping photos.







These two incredible humans run a studio and creative space in Hollywood, and they are rocking it humbly and with flair. In the midst of shooting, Isaac and I had a conversation that went a little something like this…

Me: How are you guys so cool?! Teach me your ways.
Isaac: Well, you know we’re actually hosting a workshop on that really soon.
Isaac: No.
Me: But…I really need that…


It is truly amazing to watch two people effortlessly coexist, living authentically together both personally and professionally. They were honest about the struggles they face, but through it all, it was so easy to see the strength and power in the bond they share. These two are seriously relationship goals.


With hugs and chocolate Hershey’s kisses, we said our goodbyes. I am so grateful for this beautiful, inspiring couple, and am looking forward to more creative adventures with them in the future.


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