Mojave & Vash // Rescue Horses of Sunland

“He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life. “ -Jon Krakauer

Growing up, riding horses was a huge part of my growth and identity. Every summer was spent at horseback riding camp, and that is the same place where I first truly found God, found myself, and found my love of all things pure and wild.

Last night around 10pm, the vision in my mind wouldn’t fade away…I needed to photograph horses. I posted on social media and in some various groups, and within minutes, Jess connected with me and I was at the stable with her and her handsome horses just 12 hours later.


Both of Jess’s sweet men (Vash, age 16 // Mojave, age 6) are rescued race horses and both had such beautifully unique personalities. Vash, dark, dramatic, and stoic, wanted to be in action, and found the most comfort when Jess was riding him around the ring…letting him show off his skills.


There was a particularly special place in my heart for sweet Mojave, as he was a bit of an underdog. He has one of those personalities that doesn’t hide what makes him tick…his anxieties, his wandering mind, his need to chew and fidget at times to keep himself busy. Through it all, you could see the tenderness in his spirit. The amazing part was watching him become so calm and collected in front of the camera. He didn’t need to roam around much…he was happy to stand still and pose for the shoot…and I think he did a pretty fantastic job.

Jess was so great with these beautiful, majestic creatures…somehow effortlessly and gently in control at all times. The emotion in their eyes couldn’t hide their love and respect for their owner. I wish every morning could begin with horse photo shoots, and I am so deeply grateful for the dream that this morning was. To end this post, let’s just pretend it’s cold here as this black and white picture with kicked up dust totally looks like snow. (Huge thank you to Jess for making this shoot possible.)


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