Bonnie & Mindy // Ojai Anniversary 

 Let me tell you a little story…

A few weeks ago, I saw Bonnie and Mindy at an event I was photographing in LA. I didn’t get a chance to formally meet them, but their authentic, radiant love completely swept me away, which lead us to connect over Instagram later on. Through many messages back and forth, it turned out we would all be up in Ojai at the same time, and earlier this week, I had the honor of photographing these incredible, beautiful humans in their wedding dresses for their one year anniversary. 

Bonnie and Mindy decided that they are going to put on their wedding dresses and take photos on their anniversary every single year through each season that life brings. As they were getting ready in the other room prior to our sunset photo shoot, I asked, “How is everything going in there?” In perfect time, the very next thing I heard was the popping of the champagne cork, so I had a feeling it was going to be a pretty wonderful evening. 


With autumn leaves changing color, champagne glasses almost empty, the Ojai sun going down with the mountains turning purple, I couldn’t have imagined a more magical, romantic anniversary shoot. The love in their eyes is some of the purest I’ve ever seen. 

Not only did our short time together instantly feel like family, but these two brought me a mini pumpkin! (Pumpkins might be my new love language.) Happy anniversary, Raes, and congratulations on a captivating love story…one that inspires me, and will inspire many. 


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