Emily Lavengood // LA Boudoir Loft Session

I have had the honor of connecting with Emily Lavengood and doing photo shoots consistently with her for about a year now, and each time, I can honestly say that magic is revealed. When I first photographed Emily, I had this overwhelming feeling of wonder and mystery…something in her eyes had a secret to share, an adventure to embark on. The beauty and depth of this woman radiates from the inside out, with warmth and sincerity, and I am so excited to share just an ounce of that with you all today. 
I asked Emily one question:

If you could say one thing and the whole world would hear you…


“I would say, wait, close your eyes and count to 10, remember the first smile of falling in love, the beautiful home we effortlessly wake up to every day, instead of looking at all the shadows around you look at what you actually see and remember you have a shadow too. I would tell everyone that life is too rare and amazing to waste all of our energy on what we don’t like, instead to love and appreciate all of the beautiful things we have automatically. To live for friendship and happiness, to just breathe and realize we are all here for each other, to push each other to succeed in life, not by beating life at its own game and killing everyone first. Just once I want people to stop hating, and for a second I want them to find peace in that moment.”

Thank you, Emily, for trusting me with the great honor of capturing authenticity in your life. For allowing my camera to join forces with the powerful art that is you through so many seasons. You are a gift. 


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