End of Summer Mango Refresher //


While technically we only have a few more weeks of summer, Los Angeles begs to differ with the consistent 90 degree days we’ve been having. There’s really nothing like a good book and a frozen beverage to wind down on a hot summer day, and I’ve been having way too much fun with my Nutri-Bullet recently. With my current array of health obstacles, it has made me look at my nutrition a bit differently. Food has become my medicine…as it should be.

When we are thinking about what we should or shouldn’t put in our bodies, we often use words with negative connotations like being “strict” or “dieting” or “limiting” ourselves. While I can admit that I felt defeated for a moment when I realized I should steer clear of sugar, gluten, and dairy, instead, I decided to be productive and look at the positives. I have been having more fun in the kitchen than ever, getting creative and coming up with DELICIOUS recipes that are also happy on the insides. I will be sharing my clean eating journey right here on the blog, starting with this refreshing mango slushie! Get ready for a new happy hour favorite!

You will need:
-5 chunks of frozen mango
-3 or 4 small ice cubes
-1/2 cup of pure aloe juice (unsweetened–get the real stuff! I grabbed a giant jug at Trader Joes for $7. It’ll last you ages.)
-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
-1 tablespoon of stevia

Simply place all of the ingredients into your blender or Nutri-Bullet and let it mix! If it’s too hard to blend, add a touch more aloe juice, but be slow and gradual with it as we don’t want to liquefy too much and lose our slushie texture.

This bitter sweet freeze will let you hold onto summer for just a bit longer, and the apple cider vinegar gives a little kick and bite of a cocktail without adding alcohol. This drink is not only ridiculously yummy, but it has a huge amount of health benefits, some of which including digestion, clear/glowing skin, regulates blood sugars, detoxifies the body, regulates blood pressure, and strengthens the immune system.

Grab your favorite book and a champagne glass and get ready to relax!

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