Chameleon // A series pilot!

Today is a big day, friends! I am super excited to announce that we are officially launching the Kickstarter campaign for the pilot series, Chameleon, that I am producing! I have worked on so many projects, and this one is incredibly close to my heart because it is so relevant so needed. 

Not only is this a show that I believe in from a creative standpoint, but it involves the audience in a way that no series has yet. Take a look at this message below from the writer and creator, Brian McCormack: 

“Chameleon examines the influence art has in sculpting our culture, how it’s one of the last safe ways to freely express ourselves in an increasingly PC society – all told through the eyes of an extremely anxious artist, Fen. 
There is something about art that dissolves the labels we give ourselves and each other, placing us on a higher plane of existence – That plane is where we’re supposed to be. This show is about using art to get there. Check out the campaign video, donate if inspired, and please feel free to help spread the word and share with your circles.”

Click on this link to check out our Kickstarter campaign and video. 
Your support, in any capacity, would mean the absolute world to me, because this show is about all of us. It is FOR us. Please take a moment to share this link with your own social media circle, because it’s time for art to change the world, and you can help. 

With gratitude and love,

Rachael Lee Stroud 

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