Homemade Lavender+Rose Water Spray // The Homebody

Today I am sharing one of my favorite new creations that also happens to be ridiculously easy! You might even have what you need lying around your humble abode. I use this lavender rose water spray on a daily basis, and you only need 3 things to get started:

-Dried lavender (I get mine straight from my garden, but you can find it all over the place!)
-Rose water (I get a huge bottle of organic, natural rose water from Whole Foods for only $4!)

-A small spray bottle

Both rose water and lavender are amazing for many similar reasons. Not only do they smell amazing, but they have been proven to be beneficial for sleep, calm, the nervous system, relieving headaches, clearing and brightening skin, hair and scalp health, and so much more. 
All you need to do is fill your spray bottle with rose water, then add as much dried lavender as you like! It really comes down to your personal preference and how potent you’d like the lavender smell to be. 
This multi-purpose spray can be used in many different ways:

-Skincare: Spritz some on your face as a toner for healthy, balanced skin, and you can even spray a bit to set your makeup after application. 

-Hair: I love spraying my hair with this homemade creation! It smells amazing and leaves my locks with a healthy, soft-to-the-touch shine. 

-Sleeping: Spray your pillows and linens to relieve headaches and create a more calming sleep environment. 

It is so peaceful and relaxing for so many spaces and faces! Leave a comment below if you give this DIY a try, and let me know how you decided to use your spray!

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