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Calling all wanderers! I am super excited to share one of my new favorite travel blog experiences with you all today as I am featuring the amazing Caravan Outpost! About a year ago, I met my dear friend, Branden Peak, who inspired me by his awesome take on   Airstream living. Little did I know that a year later, this guy would be taking his adventure lifestyle to a whole new level by helping create the movement that is Caravan Outpost.

As an extroverted introvert, when I travel, I highly value my peace, quiet, and alone time while also desiring just the right amount of connection and community. CO was the perfect balance. Tucked away in LaLa, my little Airstream for the night, I had everything my heart could possibly desire! A comfy bed, eating/sitting area, kitchen (complete with a fridge, sink, tiny prep area and stove), bathroom with a shower, and all around views of the gorgeous botanical jungle in Ojai. But all I had to do was step outside my front door, and I found family. The community vibe is much needed and incredibly unique.


This adventure hotel is walking distance to everything (I didn’t drive at all…and for those of you who know me, you know that’s a HUGE plus). They also have bicycles you can use if wheels are more your speed.

A few of my friends have been quoting me on something that I say often, as it has become a personal mantra for my life. “Live simply to do what you love.” The desire I’ve had for my life in this season has been to continue being intentional, but to focus with less force. Staying in the little silver bullet in Ojai was just the breath of fresh air I needed to keep me on this mission.

I think it goes without saying that they are pet friendly, but I truly can’t brag enough about my tiny Troll’s experience either. This city dog never looked so happy. Within seconds of arriving, she settled right in and never wanted to leave (aside from the beautiful, calm walks with her greyhound/chihuahua brother, Santo, on the bike path that is directly behind Caravan Outpost!).

I struggle with a bit of insomnia, and I swear to you this was the comfiest bed ever! Who knew that the recipe for a good night’s sleep is just simplicity with a cloud-like comforter?


Whether you’re looking to travel alone, with friends, or just a very special furry friend, this is the place for you. I’ve spent loads of time in Ojai, as it has become a home away from home amidst my LA dwelling…and Caravan Outpost really made me feel so welcome and comfortable that I felt like I’d lived there forever. It’s a great way to have an authentic and local Ojai experience. Living simply and staying grounded…except for when you nestle into the hammock hanging between two beautiful palm trees.

This place will definitely be my go-to second home, and Troll and I can’t wait to get back there as soon as possible. It inspired me so much, I’ve actually been looking up ways to save up and purchase an airstream myself ever since! The silver bullet bug bit me bad, guys.

To my friends at Caravan Outpost: I truly can’t thank you enough for this magical experience. The gratitude I have for you is boundless.






6 thoughts on “Caravan Outpost //

    1. Thank you so much for having me and Troll, Brad! I can’t wait to come visit again soon. So great meeting you.

  1. This looks like so much fun! What a cute idea 🙂 And I defintely agree with your mantra of, I have been mindful about living more simply in my own life as well. Thanks for sharing!

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