Boudoir //


While I capture many different types of sessions in my photography business, I have to say that boudoir shoots have become some of my very favorite. Before my first boudoir shoot, I was actually re-reading  Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love,  and there is a quote that connected to me deeply and has become an anthem of sorts for these sessions.

“I think I deserve something beautiful.”

Simple. Potent. And incredibly true. Today, I want to tell you that in all of your seeking, YOU are that something beautiful. You are enough. More than enough. Just as you are, right in this moment.


During my intentional boudoir shoots, you may select a word of intent and focus for your time…something that resonates with you. Take a moment to honor and love your body today…to cherish and treat it like the temple it truly is. We will have a cup of coffee, talk about your intention, and make magic in a way that serves the spirit and captures authenticity.

Take a moment to fill out the simple client inquiry form below so that I can best meet the needs and desires of your session. Sometimes the most empowering and romantic thing you can do is to love yourself.



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