Wash Your Face // Let Go

Rant written from my second story bus seat to San Francisco…

Washing my face has always been a daily cleansing ritual that brings me a ridiculous amount of peace. 
There have been times where I’ve had to give myself the grace to mourn. // To set a timer for 15 minutes and throw the damn pity party. // To cry the ugly tears. // To choke on sobs. // To be unable to breath each breath for a moment. // To let the mascara stain my cheeks. To grieve the life I “thought I would have.” // To pack the 10 year plan, put it on a train, and wave, blowing kisses goodbye. // But then, in the midst of the glory that comes with sorrow, the tears become a cleansing of sorts. // I wash my face. I baptize my spirit through warm water, taking off the salt water tears, the makeup, the grief. // I let go. // Then, I look in the mirror and smile at my future. Not even just that, but I say hello and “I love you” to the present me, my present life. // We are allowed to mourn deeply. // It is needed to look the life we hope for in the eye and watch it leave. // We must care for the loss. // But we must care even more for the gain. The new hope. The redeemed life. The rebirth. // 
Let go. Love is advancing. You are evolving. Wash your face. It really is more than okay. 

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