Do Less // Let Yourself Be Blessed //

To say that it has been a difficult and challenging season would be quite an understatement. When some people are going through a tough time, they lay around on the couch and watch Netflix endlessly. While extremes aren’t always healthy, sometimes I wish I could be on that end of the spectrum.

Instead, the driven perfectionist in me goes into overdrive. I become this hectic, chaotic worker bee who just tries to do it all in order to distract from the alone time, the silence in my mind, the nonstop over analyzing. I try to positively label this behavior with words like “productive” or “motivated”. And while that is true, it could also be classified as “workaholic” and “avoidance”.

The key, I am finding, is balance. And sometimes it takes an unexpected blessing in order to thrust me out of my busy routine and into a moment of much needed calm.

A couple days ago, like every typical day this week, I had a shoot booked with a young woman I hadn’t met. If I’m being perfectly honest with you, I was already feeling drained, exhausted, and was ready to just be in “work mode” and return home. This gal, however, had different plans for me.

Kristina gave me a hug upon arrival at the park and said, “My clothes are in the car, and I’ll go get them in a moment. But I brought dessert for us to share, so I figured we could start with that.”

I felt a bit at a loss for words. Never in my time as a photographer have I had a client bring dessert. What a magical way to begin a session. Every shoot should start this way, I thought. So, it was a no brainer. We shared a beautiful fruit tart on an equally beautiful day, and engaged in deep, meaningful conversation that filled my soul.



While Kristina was there for the photo shoot, she was an absolute blessing to me. It’s pretty amazing how God knows exactly what we need and how we need to receive it. Her gift to me was her words…her wisdom…her authenticity. This incredible woman talked about life, love, relationships, letting go, and identity. I couldn’t help but feel absolutely humbled, and a bit embarrassed and amazed as I pondered what I would have missed out on if I had rushed through life. I would have missed this moment. The connection. The truth. The humanity. This, I thought, is why I’m here.

“This swallowing the richness of living, it comes in letting yourself be blessed. Letting yourself be loved.”
-Ann Voskamp


I am done rushing through life. Beauty and connection happens in these precious moments. We were not designed for busy work and nonstop chaos. We were made for sunsets, kisses, fruit tarts, deep conversation, empathy, and blessings that come when we slow the pace just a bit.

HoneyBook has a “less work, more life” campaign, and that is something I am learning to embrace and appreciate during this season. As “work” gets busier, I will continue being efficient, but that efficiency requires balance. Resting. Taking it in. Enjoying each moment.

I used to stress super easily and freak out over the little things. Instead, now I welcome the little things. They are the good stuff. I’m trying to clear my plate of what I don’t need and only fill it with what brings joy…what fuels myself and others. Doing less might just be what you need today…I highly recommend giving it a try. Go grab a fruit tart, a friend, and a sunset. Life is too beautiful to miss.




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