The ZYX’s Book //

The incredible Brian McCormack has created a minimalist children’s book on abstract thinking, and today, it is officially available! Grab your copy and hear what Brian has to say about this important and beautiful work of art below.


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A malleable perception is our greatest ally towards building a better world.

Most of our problems, whether emotional or intellectual, can be evolved through the practice of a liquid perception. Seeing someone or something from a different angle or lens, if even for a moment, opens us to a world of understanding often different from our own – an act that inherently conjures empathy and growth, both personally and collectively. This is why I published The ZYX’s.

The ZYX’s is a child’s first book of abstract thinking, encouraging the memorization of the alphabet backwards. The book starts with Z and ends with A, each page displaying a minimalist sketch of a letter. On the other side of each letter’s page is the corresponding numerical place in the alphabet for that letter.

The alphabet is one of the first tools we acquire on our path to understanding each other and our culture. If we were taught to perceive our surroundings differently, I believe problems would be a bit easier to solve, friends would be a bit easier to make and people would be a bit more willing to accept differences, thereby fueled to go out and make one for themselves.

$17 + shipping
Paperback 6 x 9

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