How To Shoot 4 Different Looks in a 30 Minute Mini-Session

Mini sessions may seem quick, but they are plenty of time to capture what you want if you make the most of it. As a model and photographer, I can honestly say that whether you are in front of or behind the camera, my advice to you is the same…and I will be sharing it in today’s post!

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Emily Brooks. She booked a 30 minute session, and wasted no time. Which leads me to the first point…

1. Be prepared.
Model and photographer: maintain the vision. Show up knowing what you want to get out of the shoot, and show up on time. If you are the one with the camera, set up in advance. Be ready to go. If you are modeling, arrive camera ready. Bring your clothing changes and have your hair and makeup done.

2. Just keep moving.
In the studio with Emily, I had a massive open space to work with. I didn’t stay in just one place. We utilized every inch of that place to create different backdrops and style. As far the model, Emily also had to keep moving. She allowed her body to relax, didn’t wait for my direction, and changed her poses and movements constantly. This makes it a lot more fun, and gives the model a wide variety of looks to choose from. No one wants to look at 60 shots that are exactly the same. This advice is also crucial when it comes to your clothing changes. To accomplish multiple looks in a brief mini session, you can’t waste time. Wear undergarments that are nude and go under all outfits.

3. Passion.
This may seem a lot less practical, but it is crucial advice in capturing creative images you’ll love. As you may have seen in previous posts, I choose a word for everyone I photograph, and for Emily, it is passion. She watched as I ran around, happy to be there, eager to get as many shots as possible. This sweet lady, while changing into a gorgeous little black dress, looked at me and said, “It is so clear that this isn’t just a job for you. You are so passionate.” I can only say the same about her. Emily’s passion is refreshing. Don’t become jaded or bored with the “industry.” Hold onto the wonder, the joy, the art, the passion.


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