Couples of 2 0 1 5 //


Can I be perfectly honest? I never thought that “couples photography” would be my thing. At. All. I enjoy a good love story as much as the next gal, but I have a low tolerance for cheesy, forced, awkwardly posed prom-style romance. That being said, living in Los Angeles has been an incredibly growing experience for me, because the couples I meet and photograph are so unique. It’s also been such a great adventure to watch these sweet humans who are genuinely happy to be there together…the women aren’t dragging their man to the shoot. It never feels like a chore…it just feels like connection.

Since around Christmas time, it seems that the social media world has been overflowing with one common gift: love. It even got me snapping photos of the lovebirds. Oh yes, friends…it is definitely in the air. With engagement season in full bloom, I have been seeing post after post of beautiful humans connecting in life together. All of the joy and excitement caused me to go back through the incredible power couples I had the honor of photographing in 2015. This post is my shout-out to the authentic team-mates who are absolutely rocking it individually and as a unit.

These two humans are incredibly unique. Their talent and creativity shines through various forms (writing, adventuring, cooking, and more). It was such a pleasure to be a part of a photo-shoot experience where the woman was literally sparkling, and the man was cracking me up the entire time. It is such an honor to be around people who are so authentic and fun!


It was an absolute gift to me just to capture this beautiful family. When I am in the presence of Bethany, Marcos, and sweet little Sariya, one word is defined on a whole new level: joy. Pure joy. Bethany has a gentle yet strong grace and way about her. She absolutely radiates inside and out. Marcos is the kind of man who can’t stop smiling at his two ladies the entire time, and even insists that Bethany and Sariya have photos of just them. Then, he sits back, gazes at these ladies in absolute wonder, and let’s be honest…I was doing the exact same thing.


It was all about light with these two. Truly. And I’m not just talking about the insanely perfect golden-hour sunset we played around in. Jessica and Pedro have a heart for making a positive impact in this generation, and they will be adding a new addition to their world-changing family, as their baby boy will be here very soon!

These creative entrepreneurs give me hope and courage on my own journey. Reyna and Chris selflessly prayed for me at the end of their session, and filled a busy work weekend of shooting with grace and love. I am beyond grateful for these two incredible human beings. What a powerful light their love and marriage is for me and so many others.

***If you want to book a couples or engagement session for 2015, contact me below! Let’s capture authenticity and have some fun.

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