Am I a world changer, or am I just opinionated?

I am going to be honest with you before I continue with this article. I am probably of the most stubborn and opinionated people on the planet. This has been a great strength and even greater weakness at many points throughout my life. You see, I live with passion and intention. I want to change the world. But sometimes in the process of sharing these strong opinions, we can distance and separate ourselves from others, therefore making our grand mission completely counterproductive. Our world, and Facebook feeds, are filled with so many hateful opinions, harsh thoughts, and hard feelings. In our perpetual posting of this negativity and darkness, are we changing the world for the better? No. Absolutely not. Am I saying that we should ignore this darkness? No. Absolutely not. Let’s bring light to it.

As a writer, it has been incredibly important for me to learn how to communicate about what I believe and care for, but combine my truth with an even larger dose of love and understanding. Empathy. Kindness. Recently, I have had numerous conversations with people I love about finding the balance between sharing opinions and actually making a difference. To begin, let me say that love should always be your fuel. If it isn’t coming from a place of love, your message will be tainted and most likely not heard/accepted the way you really want it to be.

Tonight, I am going to share a few questions you can ask yourself (opinions, wink-wink) to check in on how to communicate as a world changer and not just another opinionated human.

Am I productive?
“It’s easier to take a position than to lay down our lives; don’t settle for just having an opinion.” -Bob Goff
World changers are productive. They take action through love. Ponder creative ways that you could use your one of a kind heart and unique skills to offer a solution. When you are striving to help, heal, and problem-solve in a way that is rooted in love first, you are a world changer who knows how to conquer productivity rather than mere opinion.

Am I seeking purpose in the pain?
Passion can come from what breaks our hearts the most about the world, but if we are just sharing opinions rooted in anger, hate, and hurt, what does it do? A world changer doesn’t stop at passion and feelings. They allow passion to fuel the purpose. Instead of dwelling on the anger, allow your heart to be transformed. Change. Growth. As Donald Miller says so eloquently:
“One way to find our passion is to identity where we’ve been wounded and seek to heal and prevent those wounds from happening to others.”

Is it all about me?
In Donald Miller’s quote above, the key in his advice is to heal first. I write and journal every day, and it is incredibly therapeutic for me. However, there are certain things I save in my journal and don’t click to publish/post publicly until genuine healing and true, healthy perspective has occurred. If you’re uncertain, sleep on it. Maybe even for months or years. A message should be shared after forgiveness, healing, and growth are in your heart. This is when it will become healing and helpful (rather than destructive) for your audience.

Am I promoting what I love, or just bashing what I hate?
It is natural to be hateful, critical, and opinionated. It is supernatural to choose communication through love. I find myself far more likely to get behind a cause, or become open-minded to a new concept/idea if the person talking about it is excited. Kind. Joy-filled. Light. Honest. Pure in motive. If we have to break others down in order to indorse our message, we are not world changers, and our message is not one of positive or pure strength. Bashing others is a false sense of security and happens when others aren’t confident enough in communicating their own message. Cut it out. You’re better than that.

Are my words kind and true?
Let your words be life-giving, true, and pure in motive. Find the purpose in your passion and pain, and be a world changer. No one wants to hear a hateful, harsh message. I will end this article with a beautiful bible verse that says it all:
“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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